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Game Of Thrones 1x04: Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things

If you enjoyed this episode then it's probably best that you don't read this post. I'm really upset and I just don't think I can debate anything right now. I'll just cry. Or stab you in the neck. So please be kind. I just need to offload these ~feelings~ ;_____;

Spoiler policy still applies, despite my huffiness. No spoilers for future episodes/books in this post. Feel free to discuss in the comments, but please give a warning in the title. Thanks!

Seriously. What the fuck was that? I don't even know where to start. I feel like new (pointless) scenes were crammed in at the expense of the actual story. Ugh. I don't even know, guys, I don't even know. And yes, I'm a disgruntled Sandor fangirl, but I hope it doesn't make my thoughts on the episode any the less valid. It might have coloured them slightly, but I maintain that I wanted to enjoy the episode. And didn't.

OK, let's look at the positives.

+ Grenn. I fucking loved Grenn. I love how he spits when he talks. He's amazing.
+ Theon Greyjoy actually looking hot(ter) in that one scene with Tyrion. And being sympathetic and awesome and dark haired. I love me some Theon.
+ Jousting. Jousting is always good.
+ Ser Hugh of the Vale's pacing. I lol'ed.
+ Sandor looked mysterious and troubled. ♥

Aaaand…seriously, we're through.

- WTF was with all these history lessons? Everything crammed into this one episode. Who built the Iron Throne. What were the dragons called. Greyjoy rebellion. All very badly explained. Utter shit.
- Pointless Viserys sex scene that I truly do not remember from the books. With my most hated handmaiden. I hate her face, I hate her voice. Ugh! >_>
- Pointless 'Jon's a virgin' chat with Samwell. Sam's ridiculous "oo-er missus" routine like something out of Coronation Street. Spare me. I might have been more interested had I not felt like other things had been cut to make way for this.
- Sam even existing. Although he was slightly more sympathetic here. SLIGHTLY.
- Jaime's "oh, Jory, I see you have a prominent scar in this episode. Perhaps we might use it to spout a lot of names at the viewers and utterly confuse them regarding the Greyjoys." *slow claps*
- WTF Catelyn? Where are you seeing these sigils? Because I sure as heck can't see 'em.
- Aaaand I'm leaving it until last to pretend that it's not my most obvious gripe: Littlefinger being given the Hound's scene. I just can't even. WTAF? Way to lose the entire impact of…EVERYTHING. FFS. I know I'm a ridiculous whining shipper, say what you want, but whether you ship Sansa/Sandor or not, the story just lost something right there. Maybe we'll get the scene in the next episode and Sansa will speak to Sandor about his scars, but it's still ruined.

I could go on. But I'm just depressing myself further. I've enjoyed every episode, but I feel so let down by this. Maybe it feels worse because I was looking forward to it so much and expecting the entire Hand's Tourney. stefichan filled me in on what was happening when the episode aired last night and I was up raging until 5am. LOL. And now it's just aired over here. So at least that ordeal's over with and I can look forward to next week's episode unless they cut everything I liked out of that one too.

I know, I know, CRY MOAR. I probably will.
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