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Game Of Thrones 1x2: The Kingsroad

Spoiler Policy: I won't mention any future plot lines in this post, but would love to discuss anything and everything ASOIAF in the comments! If you're talking about future episodes/books, please put a spoiler warning in the title of your comment, so people who aren't up-to-date can skip past it! :-)

● So, first off, I must admit I LOL'd at Theon's "I'll stand behind you" to Robb. I forgot I kinda shipped them in the first book. Heh.

● Joffrey looks like he was birthed by my cousin. Her two sons are dead ringers for him, it's creepy! I was blown away by him in this episode. I struggled to see him as Joffrey at first, but he's totally nailing the part. Tyrion slapping him was comedy gold. As was Sandor's complete lack of reaction. Wait, let's enjoy it again:

● The way Sandor looks down when Joffrey addresses him just absolutely breaks my heart. His scene with Sansa was just magical. I wish it could have lasted for the entire episode. Sansa/Sandor is my life, you guys, MY LIFE. ♥ ♥ ♥ Although Ser Ilyn Payne's face was kinda spoiling the mood. He was RAGING INSIDE, wasn't he? Must be very frustrating.


● The exchange between Dany and Jorah was pretty amazing too. Drogo can go lay with his horses for all I care. Dany/Jorah, baby. Oh yeah. ♥ The show is making me ship it again. I thought I'd consigned that one to the ocean floor.

● Not the world's biggest Arya fan. It is known. But the "gloves" scene was pretty cute. >_>

● Obligatory Jon Snow comment for slightlytookish. Kinda sad to see his high hopes for the Nightswatch crushed before he even set out. Seriously, listen to Ser Jaime. THE WALL = FROST BITE. Will you still love him without a nose, slightlytookish? I'm loving all these nice comments about Northern accents! Mine isn't quite as broad as theirs, but I'm certainly from the same area (definitely in the case of Sean Bean). I keep meaning to post a video.

● I totally had to look away when Catelyn grabbed the dagger. She probably should have listened to Jon's wise words about the "pointy end." Seriously though, it made me feel sick. It had the same effect in the book too...I'm usually not that squeamish when it comes to written violence, but...urgh, for some reason that really got to me. I'm sure bone was mentioned. Not gonna do a re-read to back up my statement, however. :-/

● Yeah! Summer! Rip that guy's throat out! Bran and Summer are super adorable.

● LOL at CSI: Winterfell. WTF was that? Have I forgotten that from the book? There were so many Sunglass of Justice comments on my Twitter feed. LOL, I couldn't resist:

Can this show get any better? The answer is no.
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